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Aercon's 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Haines City, Florida

By using the AERCON technical manual, you have made a decision to consider the most innovative building material available in today’s market. The combination of fire resistance, thermal efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental qualities of AERCON cannot be surpassed by any other building product.

Construction demands are ever changing, requiring building systems to be versatile, efficient and cost effective. AERCON offers this in a variety of systems that can be utilized in many applications. AERCON produces non-load bearing vertical and horizontal exterior wall panels, load bearing vertical panels, and floor and roof panels. AERCON also produces a significant number of block products in a multitude of combinations of thickness, height, length and Strength Class. Review the summary of products in the Overview Section to determine which AERCON system will best suit your needs.

What is AERCON?

AERCON is the name of the company and the fully integrated building system of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panels and block, perfect for commercial, industrial, educational, public and residential projects.

AERCON Florida’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Haines City, Florida. The 100,000 square foot facility is designed to efficiently produce block and engineered panels for rail or truck transport throughout the United States.

AAC was developed by a Swedish architect and was patented in 1924. The architect was looking for a building material that had the properties of wood good thermal insulation, solid structure, easy to work with and handle but without the disadvantages of combustibility, decay and termite damage. At that time there were only small, heavy building blocks with poor insulation properties. He succeeded in producing a highly cellular, lightweight material from quartzite sand, lime and water.

These raw materials can be found in almost unlimited quantities throughout the world. They are processed with cement and a rising agent to provide a building material with a large number of air pores aerated concrete. And it is precisely these pores, in addition to the solid structure of calcium silicate hydrates, which give AERCON its exceptional product properties: fire resistant/non-combustible, superior thermal insulation, excellent acoustic insulation, lightweight, termite and pest resistant, ease of workability and handling, universal application, non-allergenic, and efficient construction.

Environmentally friendly and energy-conserving, AERCON meets all the requirements of our modern age. Absolutely no pollutants or hazardous wastes are generated in the process and there is no waste of precious raw materials. Pure AERCON, not containing any foreign materials, can be recycled into other useful products.

Even the production method conserves energy since steam curing is carried out at high pressures and thermal energy is recovered and reused for maximum efficiency. Production trimmings can also be fully recycled, again making AERCON a highly efficient and environmentally compatible building material.

What Gives AERCON the Competitive Edge?

AERCON is available in several different load bearing and non load bearing forms:

  • Large blocks with hand holds which can be quickly and easily placed with thin bed mortar
  • Lightweight wall partitions
  • Lintels
  • Large reinforced panels for floors and roofs
  • Load bearing wall panels

Blocks and panels are available with tongue and groove joints for easy and sure connection. They can be used in single and multi-story buildings and are ideal for residential, commercial, educational, industrial and public buildings.

AERCON offers strong advantages over conventional building materials because of its exceptional product properties and ease of construction. AERCON’s excellent strength makes it suitable for both load bearing and non-load bearing structures, and perfect for all types of applications.

Although AAC is relatively new to the U.S., it has been a favored building material for over 70 years throughout Europe and Asia, and in many countries throughout the world.


Public Facilities

Bank in Vero Beach, Florida


Southern University


Residential in Texas

College Dorms

Residence Hall Complex


Dundee Middle School Dundee, Florida

Firewalls / Shaft Walls


AERCON Benefits and Advantages

Fire Safety

  • Highest UL fire ratings in the industry provide a fire safe environment
  • Product is non-combustible
  • No toxins or gases emitted when exposed to fire
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Economic Advantages

  • Fast-track construction and fewer finish materials provide a low-cost capital option
  • No furring, insulation or drywall needed
  • An experienced four-man team and a single crane operator can install AERCON panels at a rate of four to six minutes per panel
  • Low maintenance costs
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Excellent Thermal Efficiency

  • Thermal performance eliminates insulation
  • Reduces Life-Cycle energy costs
  • Low heat transfer rate
  • Outperforms conventional wood and concrete masonry construction
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Additional Benefits

Lightweight Product

  • An AERCON block weighs approximately 50% of a standard CMU block
  • An AERCON panel weighs approximately 30% of standard cast-in-place concrete
  • Reduces crane size and costs
  • Lighter weight product creates easier work environment - less back strain offers safer environment
  • Reduced pesticide sprays
  • Non-allergenic material results in better indoor air quality – great for asthmatics
  • AERCON can be designed to withstand hurricane force winds
  • AERCON is ideal for building in earthquake prone areas

Flexible Design Options

  • Unlimited workability
  • Can be sawed, drilled, nailed and milled
  • Field adjustments can be made easily
  • Block products are available with or without hand holds
  • An excellent product for all types of climates very hot to very cold
  • Pest Resistant
  • No voids for insects and pests to make their homes
  • Termites will not attack AERCON products

Acoustic Performance

  • Transmission of sound generated from internal sources such as machinery or equipment can be significantly reduced
  • Excellent Noise Reduction Coefficient for AERCON surfaces provides great sound absorption and damping without any additional measures
  • Offers more privacy for occupants
  • Especially helpful in noise control for buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, multifamily housing, and offices Environmentally Friendly
  • AERCON is an environmentally friendly product made from sand, lime, cement, water, and a rising agent
  • No pollutants or hazardous wastes are generated in the process