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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Coatings

Various options for exterior surface treatments are available including stucco, paint, and numerous facade materials. By changing features as simple as color schemes and wall textures, very attractive and different appearances can be achieved. Designing with colors can change the face of a building, creating a special corporate image or adding that personal touch. A broad spectrum of textures can also enhance a building’s image.

The color of AERCON products is natural white to grey-white. Due to the effects of storage, variations in raw materials and the climate, slight variations in appearance may occur. Pores of different size at the surface are an inherent characteristic of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and are not considered defects in the quality of the product.

Coatings for AERCON products are readily available in unlimited color possibilities. They are economical to apply with a brush, sprayer or roller depending on the application. Two types of patching mortar, specifically designed to be compatible with AAC, are currently available to repair damaged areas prior to coating application. The severity of the damage dictates which mortar should be used.

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